Week 6 Journal

Week 6 Journal - about Although not mentioned in the...

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“’We Don’t Sleep Around Like White Girls Do’: Family Culture and Gender in Filipina American Lives” by Espiritu Filipino Americans feel that they possess a superior culture to that of “Americans” a. “Americans” are seen in a condescending view as it is believed that their culture lacks in a strong community, and are rather selfish b. Filipinas also feel sexually moral compared to the American women who are seen as promiscuous, sleeping around with other men i. Daughters are told to remain a virgin until they are married. Daughters are expected to protect and preserve the family, and culture Because the male does not possess an ideal image to withhold, they are given more freedom than the females (i.e. later curfews, no chaperons). Women in Filipino culture have to uphold the family, culture, and racial identity, so they are restricted from being too far from home, and are unable to pursue opportunities that their brothers possess As a son of Filipino immigrants, I can relate to much of what the article talks
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Unformatted text preview: about. Although not mentioned in the article, the community aspect of Filipino culture is reinforced through Filipino children calling all their elders by “uncle” and “auntie,” even if no blood relation exists, to show a sign of respect. Respect is also shown through extended family, and siblings, as the younger ones call an older male “kuya,” or an older female “ate.” Filipino parents also tend to think in terms of “home” – the Philippines. This mentality is shown to prevent Filipina daughters from opportunities that are available to them. Filipinas usually attain occupation in nursing, further advancing the notion of them being “caring.” But how can Filipina women transcend the expectations of their parents and the Filipino culture, while not betraying both at the same time? Is it possible to live in both worlds without turning one’s back to the other?...
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Week 6 Journal - about Although not mentioned in the...

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