2008PE2Supplement - Name: _ Code # _ Summer Session 2008...

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Name: ________________________________________ Code # _________ Summer Session 2008 ID: X 1 UCSD Physics 2B PE2 Supplement Potential, Work & Capacitors READ ME !!! Each of these exercises in this set asks for a different value, but the approach is the same for them all. These are the steps: 1. Simplify the circuit down to one equivalent capacitance in other words, reduce the circuit one step a a time into a single device If this what the problem asks for, you’re done. If not, then 2. Use the capacitor equation Q = CV to find the circuit charge 3. Use the capacitor rules to determine the charges on each element 4. Use the capacitor equation again for each element to find the voltage across each circuit element. 5. If the problem asks for the energy stored in an element, use the voltage you found along with the capacitor energy equation, OR. .. use the charge you found in #3 above using the alternate equation Note that there are often shortcuts, but this procedure will always work!!! 1. You connect three capacitors as shown in the diagram below. If C 1 = 5.0 μ F , C 2 = 4.0 F and C 3 = 3.0 F , what is the equivalent capacitance between the terminals A and B of this network? A. 0.44 F B. 2.3 F C. 3.5 F D.
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This note was uploaded on 08/23/2008 for the course PHYS 2b taught by Professor Schuller during the Summer '08 term at UCSD.

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2008PE2Supplement - Name: _ Code # _ Summer Session 2008...

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