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Eck, Diana – “From Many, One” 1) What does E. Pluribus Unum mean? From Many. One. Political meaning – from many colonies, one republic; from many states, one nation. Cultural – From many peoples or nationalities, one people. 2) How was religious freedom imagined during the founding of the United States? How is it different from how we think about it now? Religious freedom was imagined to have no restrictions by the colonies, as long as it was their religion. However, the founding fathers found it necessary to create a law that allows one to practice any religion, or none, if they so choose. Now in the United States, it is believed that we are a “Christian nation.” 3) In what ways have racism and religious discrimination tracked together through out U.S. history? How is racism different? Racism and religious discrimination have tracked together through history in that missionaries
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Unformatted text preview: have forced Natives to convert to Christianity because they were seen as having no religious life. There has also been discrimination against those who were not “White” in practicing Christianity. Racism is different from religious discrimination in that one cannot be forced to change his or her traits, but one can change their religious affiliations. 4) How does Eck define pluralism? Pluralism is being inclusive and respectful of people or groups with different backgrounds, experiences, and cultures. 5) This chapter was clearly written before September 11th. Does the religious discrimination against Muslims that followed that event change the optimistic view of religious pluralism that Eck presents? Yes, the religious discrimination against Muslims changes the optimistic view of religious pluralism....
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