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UCSD Summer Session I Physics 2B Formula Sheet UNIT 2 Supplement – Table of Functions Coulomb Force – Electric Field – Potential - Capacitance Point, Sphere Line, Cylinder Infinite Sheet Between 2 Sheets Coulomb Force 2 ˆ kQ q r = Fr 2 ˆ k q r λ = 0 ˆ 2 q σ ε = 0 ˆ q = Electric Field 2 ˆ kQ r = Er 2 ˆ k r = 0 ˆ 2 = 0 ˆ = Potential Difference 11 ab Vk Q ab ⎛⎞ Δ= ⎜⎟ ⎝⎠ 2l n ab b a () 0 2 ab Va b Δ =− 0 ab b Absolute Potential ab kQ V r N/A N/A 0 d V Concentric Spheres Coaxial Cylinders One Sheet Parallel Plates Capacitance 1 C k = 1 n C b L k a = N/A 0 C Ad = Where a = inner radius and b = outer radius Note that the capacitance expression for Coaxial Cylinders is per unit Length and for Parallel Plates it’s capacitance
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