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Week 7 Journal - out what they find to be the best mate....

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“Fat Studies” by Wann Weight is a characteristic that one has no control over in their lifetime, and varies from person to person Also varies over the course of a lifetime, which is usually inherited through genes Fat studies serves to be a catalyst to bring social acceptance of people that do not fit the ideal size Terms like obese is used to classify those who fit into a certain weight, and separate them accordingly. Goes back to how people classify for a sense of control. Those who find themselves trapped into the classification of “fat” are less accepted by people, and possess less opportunities Wann touches upon an issue that many Americans find themselves confronted with because of how society views body image. But could this problem be a creation of society, or something that exists in nature? Science tells us that creatures naturally seek
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Unformatted text preview: out what they find to be the best mate. But why would it be wrong for a mate to be fat? If no one would want to mate with fat people, how are they able to continually appear in society? Wann states that ones weight is already determined through genetics. This presents the assumption that one cannot do anything about it because it is hard coded into them. One prominent figure in pop culture, Jessica Alba, is reportedly from a “big” family, yet she serves to be the desire of most men. She says that in order to monitor her weight, she watches what she eats by making all her meals herself. Could it be that she was lucky enough to get good genes? Maybe environment and nutrition are major factors as well....
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