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Week 8 Reading Questions

Week 8 Reading Questions - different from passing in that...

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Pharr – “Homophobia as a Weapon of Sexism” 1) What is patriarchy? What is sexism? 2) How do lesbians challenge patriarchy? 3) How does the economic system work to maintain sexism and racism? 4) What are some examples of the ways that lesbians are more vulnerable in a homophobic world? 5) According to Pharr, what needs to be included in a movement for women’s equality? Kimmel – “Masculinity as Homophobia” 1) What are the various versions of masculinity historically? 2) How does Kimmel define masculinity and what is hegemonic masculinity? 3) What is the relationship between masculinity and violence? 4) How does masculinity relate to homophobia? Yoshino – “The Pressure to Cover” 1) What is covering? How is it different from passing? Covering is one making “a great effort to keep the stigma from looming large” (419). It is
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Unformatted text preview: different from passing in that “passing pertains to the visibility of a characteristic, while covering pertains to its obtrusiveness” (419). 2) According to Yoshino, why is covering a new civil rights issue? Covering is a “subtler form of discrimination” (420). “It aims at the subset of the group that refuses to cover, that is, to assimilate to dominant norms” (420). Bau – “Queer Asian Immigrants” 1) What was Prop 187? 2) How could building coalitions between the gay community and the Asian American community have helped defeat it? Chavez Leyva - “Breaking the Silence” 1) How does the history of Latina lesbians differ from the traditional history of the gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender history? 2) What are the benefits of centering, as opposed to marginalizing, Latina lesbian history?...
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