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Week 3 Journal

Week 3 Journal - Whites base their identity off of Going...

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“White Lines” by Ian Haney-Lopez - Whites purposely segregate races such as to place themselves at the top with the most power - Race is a creation of society, which is used to define who is White, and Non- White - Whites form their identity through their place in society, and by defining themselves as not Non-White Haney-Lopez makes an interesting point in which identity for what White is can only be defined through “inferior minority identities.” By using stereotypes of Blacks being “lazy, ignorant, lascivious, and criminal,” Whites have created an identity that is opposite of the Blacks in which they are “industrious, knowledgeable, virtuous, and law- abiding.” But what if the Blacks weren’t identified with those traits? What would the
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Unformatted text preview: Whites base their identity off of? Going back to the piece by Allan Bloome, could the Whites be expressing their ethnocentricity? In society, Whites have the best traits, but fit the idea of what is “American.” In relation to Claire Kim’s piece, Asian Americans possess the traits closest to Whites, therefore placing them higher than Blacks. However, Asian Americans obtain their values from someplace considered “foreign,” therefore they are ostracized from society by not allowing them to become citizens. The Whites are then able to keep their nation a White one....
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