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Week 2 Journal - in homosexual acts. But I find it...

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“Making Up People” by Ian Hacking - When people classify types of people, they appear more often in society o “People spontaneously come to fit their categories.” - Categories provide order - Two “vectors” that explain why categories exist o Vector one is “from a community of experts who create a ‘reality’ that some people make their own. o Second vector is that of “autonomous behavior of the person so labeled” which fulfills the category – dynamic nominalism Hacking appears to argue for dynamic nominalism, by using examples, such as the one of the homosexual. There may not have been such a thing as a “homosexual,” but could it be that before then that society’s values were different, and it was commonly accepted that men engaged
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Unformatted text preview: in homosexual acts. But I find it interesting that by creating this category, we are making up people. But at the same time, isnt it the made-up people that accept this newly found term to call themselves by? What about those who do not accept the term, but meet the criteria of said term? Who is to say who is what? Society? If it is society, who dictates what is the norm? Is it elites? What makes them elite in the first place? What exactly is normal? Can such a word have a concrete definition, in that what is normal in the present, may change in 10 years? Why even classify people in the first place, arent we supposed to all be equal?...
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