Week 1 Journal

Week 1 Journal - "Civil Rights & Black Identity" by Randall...

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“Civil Rights & Black Identity” by Randall Kennedy - Through several “of the most influential Blacks in American History,” Randall Kennedy shows the African-American’s battle for equal rights, and search for acceptance in American society. - Frederick Douglass claims that the Civil War was “so heroically fought and so victoriously ended” for slavery, giving the Black man equality in the country, that it would be a waste to not permanently make sure that they are equal. - Booker T. Washington seeks to have the Blacks segregate themselves from the White Man, and as they prosper, grow into the majority of the White people. - W.E.B. Du Bois is searching for a way in which African-Americans are able to live freely in the United States just as much as anyone else, while still maintaining what makes them African. I found it interesting how the authors of each piece sought equality in a rather peaceful manner, because I did not give it much thought until I was presented with the fact that Malcolm X, who advocated retaliating to attacks committed by racist whites. I disagree with Frederick Douglass in that the Civil War was fought in order to ensure that Blacks would be equal to Whites; instead, I believe it was more of a struggle for power and control, as it was a time when new territories were being founded as states, and the slave states wanted equal footing with the non-slave states, while expanding slavery. However, I agree with Douglass in that slavery is rather a “wrong” system rooted in “human selfishness,” which can also be traced to that which is wrong even today, such as raising prices of a good in order to attain a larger profit. The problem I see with Booker T. Washington’s argument is that if the White Man is already racist and rejects
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Week 1 Journal - "Civil Rights & Black Identity" by Randall...

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