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UCSD Summer Session Physics 2B Formula Sheet UNIT 2 –Capacitor & Network (combo) Supplement Three macroscopic parameters completely define how a capacitor behaves in a circuit: the Capacitance C , the applied Potential V , and Charge Q . They are always related by QC V = Capacitor Equation We connect Capacitors together into networks in different ways. The basic building blocks are SERIES and PARALLEL . These in turn can be joined to make more complicated circuits. In these configurations, one equivalent capacitor Equiv C can replace them all, and we can use the same equation for the equivalent. When we do so, we may still be interested the C , V , and Q of each of the individual elements. The following table summarizes the characteristics for the two types of networks. Of course, one can combine these into more complicated networks, but the same rules apply. Supplementary Capacitor Circuit Table
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