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Summary of Fundamental MKS Units used in this course Physical Quantity Symbol Unit Name Abbreviation Displacement (length) r meter m Mass m kilogram kg Time t second s Velocity v meter/second m / s Acceleration a meter/second 2 m / s 2 Force F Newton N Energy W Joule J Power P Watt W = J / s Torque τ Newton-meter Nm Frequency f Hertz (1/second) Hz Angular Frequency ω radians / second 1 / s Conversion 2 f π = Electric Charge q Coulomb C Electric Field E Newtons / Coulomb N / C Electric Flux Φ E N m 2 / C Electric Potential V Volt V Electric Current I Ampere (Amp)
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Unformatted text preview: A Electric Current Density J Ampere / meter 2 A / m 2 Magnetic Field B Tesla T Magnetic Flux Φ B Tesla / meter 2 T / m 2 Resistance R Ohm Ω Capacitance C Farad F Inductance L Henry H Some Common Scientific Prefixes & Multipliers Prefix symbol Multiplier Example In English pico p 12 10 − pV picoVolt nano n 9 10 − ns nanosecond micro μ 6 10 − F microFarad milli m 3 10 − mH milliHenry centi c 2 10 − cm centimeter kilo k 3 10 + kg kilogram Mega M 6 10 + MHz MegaHertz Giga G 9 10 + GW GigaWatt Tera T 12 10 + TA TeraAmp...
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