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BIOLOGY 112 SAMPLE LAB EXAM QUESTIONS The answers are in bold red font. 1. The yeast cells used in the lab experiment could:- 1. Ferment glucose more quickly in the presence of sodium fluoride. 2. Ferment glucose and galactose. 3. Break down glucose to carbon dioxide and ethyl alcohol only in the presence of oxygen. 4. Convert glucose to galactose. 5. Ferment glucose in the presence of magnesium ions.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. In a Drosophila cross , 230 offspring were produced in the following phenotypes: 63 cut-winged males 52 normal-winged males 54 cut-winged females 61 normal-winged females Which of the following is the most probable parental types? 1. x + x ct X x + y 2. x + x + X x ct y 3. x ct x ct X x + y 4. x + x ct X x ct y 5. None of the above....
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