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Jacob Cuevas 2/22/2016 Sociology MCQ 3 1)The best example of Durkheim’s organic solidarity compared to mechanical solidarity: a)Voting in society so that you can be part of the process, but not realizing that the electoral college actually places the votes. b)Acquiring great wealth through a competitive process but ditching your friends and family c)A Student writing a paper for their English course on a novel that they picked out because they wanted to read it compared to being assigned a book by the professor, reading and comprehending that novel, and writing a paper on that book or you’ll be dropped. d)Feeling that you don’t belong in a job compared to being fired from that position for insubordination.
2)The best example of secondary relations prevailing over primary relations in Modern society:
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Unformatted text preview:b) The enemy you know is greater than the hero you hate. c) Your affection for your family, and your connection to your friends is your motivation to success, far greater than the pressure placed on you by your boss. d) In a cell based model of society, a person plays the role of the Organelles, rather than the Nucleus. 3) The best example of the one dimensional U.S. citizen's alienation being supportive to Marx theory: a) Consistent reward and ambition leads individuals to rise in station, alienating them. b) Cheap rewards lead people to work for perceived need rather than enjoyment, isolating them to the point of accepting authoritarian government even though they could challenge the status quo if they had desired to. c) Capitalism makes American society into an oligarchy, which forces low income individuals to rebel. d) Individuals act like fictional characters when put into positions of stress.