PYSC 101 - CHPT 1 - 82108

PYSC 101 - CHPT 1 - 82108 - Helmholtz o Looked at and...

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Chapter 1 Psychology 101 August 21, 2008 Started in Europe in the Mid 19 th Century Grew out of Philosophy Rene Descartes o Known for Metaphysical Dualism o Started idea of mind – body problem o “I think therefore I am” Phrenology o Tries to map out what does what in the brain Broca o Controls language
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Unformatted text preview: Helmholtz o Looked at and studied pure anatomy • Wundt o Set up first psychology lab in the 1920s • Maslow o “all striving to be motivated • Piaget o Studied child development • Cognitive and behavioral neuroscience o How neuroscience controls physiological experience 1...
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