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Soc 133 Lecture 7

Soc 133 Lecture 7 - • They can spread long distances •...

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Soc 133 Lecture 7 28/01/2008 17:52:00 Fads Fads as emerging norms o Diffuse crowds vs. compact crowds o Recruitment through social networks o Fads can’t survive success Disaster behavior Natural vs. man made disasters Perceptions of disasters o Verified, rumored, and predicted Panic flight o Circumstances for multi-fatality evacuations o Conditions for helping behavior o Fads spread by large diffused crowds not by small compact crowds Compact dense groups with face to face interaction
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Unformatted text preview: • They can spread long distances • They aren’t faced with immediate pressure that a compact crowd exerts over its members • You can still be captivated Disasters are limited in a disaster situation • Most fads you can opt out of but with disaster behavior, you don’t have many choices • All disaster behavior is stress related 28/01/2008 17:52:00 28/01/2008 17:52:00...
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