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The Wars of Religion – April 7, 2008 1. The Problem of the Growth of Protestantism a. Ecclesiastical and monarchical authority were linked up to the 16 th century i. “one king, one low, one faith” ii. State-builders saw religious division as threat to their power b. This, Protestantism presented Europe with political crisis, b/c religious toleration was NOT an option 2. The French Wars of Religion a. French Calvinist pastors converted 10% by 1560 b. Civil war erupted in 1562 as Francis Duke of Guise wanted to end spread of Calvinism; ordered execution of Huguenots in his lands – 3000 killed in Lyon c. Guise’s assassination heightened hatred, inspired Catholic attacks on Calvinists; Calvinists reciprocated d. Both sides sought foreign help 3. The St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre a. Negotiations said Protestants to come to Paris unarmed for wedding b. King Catholic forces struck at Protestant leaders who came for wedding – killed 2000 over 6 days c. Another 10000 Huguenots were killed outside of Paris 4. More fighting a. Henry III took over in 1574 b. Split development amongst Henry’s Catholic advisors c. Groups known as politiques advised Henry to make peace and put politics ahead of religion (hence the name) d. Meanwhile, Catholic League rises in north to wipe out Huguenots e. War erupted called “War of the Three Henrys” f. Henry of Guise (strong Catholic) and Henry III (Catholic king) assassinated;
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euh2000ch14notes - The Wars of Religion April 7, 2008 1....

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