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euh2000ch16notes - ii Louis XIV fled Parisian mobs b/c of...

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The Culmination of State Power – Modern France 1. The state (national government) is supreme in France a. In monopolizes power by crushing local government b. This trend started in early modern times, culminated with the French Revolution/Napoleonic period c. Has dominated French politics ever since 2. Why is the City of Paris not allowed to have a police force? a. The French state (national government) has distrusted local power (esp. Paris), and for no good reason i. Henry III was forced out of Paris in 1676 during Wars of Religion because he made concessions to Protestants (he later rescinded these concessions)
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Unformatted text preview: ii. Louis XIV fled Parisian mobs b/c of new tax in 1648 (he later built Versailles to avoid the Parisians iii. The Paris Commune of 1871 was essentially a Parisian revolt against the national gov’t, which had failed in the Franco-Prussian War b. The national government is afraid to let Paris have any power i. The national gov’t doesn’t want any large city or town to have power ii. French history is replete with examples of local powers trying to subvert the national government (the “state-builder”) 3....
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