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POS 2041 (MWF 2:30-3:20) Alison Healy Portfolio Assignment #1 August 27, 2007 Portfolio Essay Leadership for our new country is necessary. The individual whom has the responsibility of the leadership position has the most influence on the nation and society as a whole. Leadership can be used positively or in some cases, abused. If elected, I will form the most effective form of government to allow our country to expand and prosper. Within our government, criteria for citizenship, equality, and representation will be addressed. A direct democracy is my personal preference in designing a government for our new and emergent nation. I feel that every citizen of this country should take part in the legislative process and vote directly on issues concerning them. However, with a population of four million individuals, a direct democracy would be difficult to attain. For this reason, a republic form of government will be adopted to ensure stability and success within our new nation. By means of voting, citizens will elect representatives to make decisions for them. While citizen participation is highly suggested and imperative, an indirect democracy will not enforce full participation in voting for legislation. Citizens will have the full ability to choose if/when they participate. Within our republic, a federal structure will be implied. Therefore, power will be equally
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pos2041 portessay - POS 2041 (MWF 2:30-3:20) Portfolio...

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