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pos2041 porthw1 - result because I identify with many...

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POS 2041 (MWF 2:30-3:20) Alison Healy Portfolio Assignment #1 August 27, 2007 What is your political ideology? a. I have always identified myself as a liberal in the realm of political ideology. I believe in the liberal philosophy on a personal level because it I feel that economic issues within a society should take importance over one’s personal issues. For example, I have always felt very passionately about gay rights and abortion rights for women. The main reason for my staunch political beliefs stem from my education and environment growing up. I have always been educated to believe in equal opportunity and minding ones business, as their lifestyle (homo/heterosexual, pro-choice/life) will not affect my living quality. b. Taking the political ideology quiz on http://www.theadvocates.org/quiz- score/quiz.php labeled me as a liberal. As stated previously, I agree with this
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Unformatted text preview: result because I identify with many descriptions that fit into the liberal ideology. For example, I can relate to believing in support of a government “safety net”, in order to assist the underprivileged in society. As stated in the summary, I also deem personal responsibility and freedom of expression as highly relevant and important civil liberties. c. The labeling and stereotyping of political ideology in such forms as the Left/Right Wing Continuum and categories such as Conservative, Liberal, Moderate, etc. is organized means of organizing similar political predispositions. While enforcing stereotypes, it does allow individuals a way of identifying with a group and relating similar interests. Therefore, I feel this system is primarily helpful....
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pos2041 porthw1 - result because I identify with many...

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