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POS 2041 (MWF 2:30-3:20) Alison Healy Portfolio Assignment #1 September 5, 2007 What makes you “American”? I was born in Boston, Massachusetts, therefore, being an American citizen is something I acquired from birth and rarely gave its meaning any consideration. Both of my parents were born in the continental United States, as were my three younger brothers, citizenship has always been second nature, something that until now I have taken somewhat for granted. To me, being an American citizen means that I have rights, liberties, and freedoms inclusive in the United States. Most importantly and more specifically, being an American citizen has provided me with the public educational system and national defense, two aspects that I have never connected with the meaning of my citizenship. Furthermore, duties and responsibilities that are in the addendum of being an American citizen include abiding by the law, performing civic duties (such as the dreaded court duty), and paying taxes just to name a few. Based on the results of the naturalization test taken in class, I received an 80%. This is a
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pos2041 porthw2 - POS 2041 (MWF 2:30-3:20) Portfolio...

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