Review 1 - RUSS 2231 Fairytales of Russia Quiz 1 Review The...

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RUSS 2231 Fairytales of Russia Quiz 1 Review The following questions will appear on the quiz either in short-answer or multiple-choice form. Be prepared to answer each question in full: all questions are addressed in your lecture notes and/ or in the assigned lecture or recitation readings. 1. Define the following terms: fabulate , memorate , and skazki ? Fabulate: were not verified by the teller but the one who told them could verify it Memorate: firsthand accounts of events Skazki: folktales that are fiction 2. What is the meaning of dvoeverie ? Give a specific example of it in practice. When one has double-faith. When the peasants interweave Paganism and Christianity 3. Explain the agrarian ritual of “the curling of the beard” as described in Ivanits. What was the purpose of this practice? 4. What are characteristic features of the different major calendar festivals: Koliada: (Yuletide) o Time of the winter solstice o It was believed that demons came out during the night time and were most  present during the winter o Mock funerals occurred o People dressed as animals, the one who were thought to be most susceptible to  possession o Kind of toying with the demons o Ash was spread on the ground to detect footprints of ancestors o Signified that winter was on the way to the end Maslenitsa: (Shrovetide) o Lots of eating of pancakes, lots of gluttony o Similar to Mardi Gras o Late winter celebration o Signifies end of winter o By consuming a lot there was hope that a lot would grow in the spring Rusalnaya:  (Trinity)
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o Celebration of Rusalka, she lived in water and trees o Mostly for women o At the end, a doll or tree was sent down the river or burned, to make the Rusalka  go back to where she belongs Kupalo: ( St. John the Baptist) o Summer solstice festival o Sun is thought to be most powerful on this day o The sun and water had healing properties on this day o People would collect herbs today because they were believed to be the most  potent o Witches and demons met on this night on Ball Mountain having orgies 5. List at least three examples that demonstrate the absolute sanctity of “Damp Mother Earth” as practiced by Russian peasants. After Christianity was introduced, Mary was compared to her There were prohibitions against harming the earth, such as spitting on it or disrespecting it because of Moist Mother Earth She is the sign of fertility and she can control the well-being of the crops 6. What was the “thunder sign”? Whose symbol was it? Where could it be found, and for what purpose? The thunder symbol was Perun’s symbol, and sometimes St. Elijah’s too. There was a rose with
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Review 1 - RUSS 2231 Fairytales of Russia Quiz 1 Review The...

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