BISC 320 Student Contract

BISC 320 Student Contract - BISC 320 Student Contract Fall,...

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Unformatted text preview: BISC 320 Student Contract Fall, 2008 Lecture Exams There will be two midterm exams (125 pts each) and one final exam (250 pts) for the semester. You must take the exams in your registered lecture section. The final exam will be cumulative with emphasis on material not covered on the midterms. Lab Performance The laboratory session will have 200 points, count for ~30% of your final grade. See Lab Syllabus for laboratory point distribution. Total laboratory scores may be normalized to correct for differences in grading between TAs at the end of the semester. Course Grade Total points available for the course -- 700 points. There are no extra credits for the course. Final letter grades are assigned on a curve, determined entirely by the total number of points earned on lecture exams and in the laboratory. Policy on re-grades of lecture and lab exams If you feel a factual or arithmetic error was made in the grading of an examination, not on judgments about how many points an answer was awarded, you must do the following: submit a written re-grade...
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