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Conservation Final Study Guide - Water Salinity the...

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Water Salinity – the concentration of salt in water, 3.5% in ocean water Dissolved Oxygen Levels – essential for aquatic life, oxygen is getting lower in ocean due to pollution, and in some case causing dead zones where nothing can live Biochemical Oxygen Demand – water quality management technique which sees how fast biological organisms use up oxygen in a body of water, extra demand is bad for the water Upwelling – wind driven surface currents move out and nutrient filled water moves up to the surface El Nino – causes upwelling, reverses weather patterns causing hurricanes floods and droughts Fisheries – 25% of fish produced by aquaculture, 80% of fish is eaten, fisheries have been severely depleted Energy and Minerals – oil and gas, more in ocean than possible on land, vast amounts of minerals can be found in the ocean lack of development due to huge investment and no clear ownership Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) – created by law of sea treaty 200 nautical miles, some activities like fishing and oil are controlled by coastal nation but others are not, some gray area Major Sources of Marine Pollution Oil Spills – accidental spills of oil tankers that put oil into the ocean Hazardous Material Spills – developed nations getting rid of waste, mostly happens in coastal areas Ocean Dumping – disposal of waste sewage sludge into the ocean which contaminates it Marine Sanctuaries – designated the ocean and great lakes for preservation, to keep the ecosystem intact Surface Water – water floating above ground in rivers lakes and swamps, Ground Water – water below ground in saturated zone below the water table Aquifer – porous body of material containing groundwater, Groundwater mining – withdrawing it faster than it can be replaced Recharge – how fast the water can get back up to the level it was before use\
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Conservation Final Study Guide - Water Salinity the...

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