Homework5 - 43e2f332586a06369147fe1b99982835fb3c81c7.xls,...

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Unformatted text preview: 43e2f332586a06369147fe1b99982835fb3c81c7.xls, Page 1 of 2, 05/07/200906:14:17 Instructions for the Microsoft Excel Templates Be advised, the worksheet and workbooks are not protected. Extensive detail and information is contained within the manual. You should enter your name, course ID, date, and instructor's name into the cells at the top of the page. Each page contains a page footer with a Page # of Page ## as well as time and date to assist in assembly of multiple pages. Each worksheet contains the identification of the problem or exercise. All formatting should have been accomplished to provide satisfactory presentation. See the text for additional assistance in formating. If more than one page is required by the problem, the page breaks are preset. In general, the yellow highlighted cells are the cells which work and effort should be presented. Place the proper account title in the cell where the word "Account title" appears on the template....
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This note was uploaded on 08/24/2008 for the course ECO 3202 taught by Professor Johnson during the Spring '08 term at UNF.

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Homework5 - 43e2f332586a06369147fe1b99982835fb3c81c7.xls,...

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