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Land Rover Podcasting From January 16, 2008 The Business Week podcast is about the new LR3 SUV from Land Rover. Andy Wheel, who is being interviewed, is one of Land Rover’s lead designers for their new concept car. The interviewer asks a lot of questions about what makes a good concept car and what makes people want to look at their cars in the showroom or buy them on the car lots. What the effect has been for taking car testers to different areas in the world that show the capabilities of their SUVs and how it never looks or feels out of place. Wheel also brought up that their concept cars are never too out of reach. They want their buyers to believe that they can buy that SUV with all shown features in a reasonable future date. The market for this podcast is Land Rover buyers and anyone interested in new cars for 2008. I believe that people who are interested in buying a new Land Rover will
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Unformatted text preview: take the time to really research about the vehicle (considering this SUV is well into the $50,000 area) and the company who makes it. Also, anyone who has gone to recent car shows or likes learning about car concepts and newly released cars because this podcast really goes into the mission of the company and their expectations of themselves for this new SUV. The advantages would be that they are relatively cheap and easy to do. All you really need are the people doing the interview and a recording area. The disadvantages are that not many people listen. Most likely the most amount of listeners are ones that were researching Land Rover and stumbled upon this article. To subscribe to the series for this podcast, you must have iTunes, and many people don’t have that yet. I think it is a good idea to have podcasts, but to have a bigger plan for more advertising!...
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