Study Sheet for EXAM 4 - Study Sheet for EXAM 4 Chapters 8,...

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Study Sheet for EXAM 4 Chapters 8, 9, 10, 11 in Hospitality Today Chapter 8: Club Management Define City Clubs: an urban recreational and social facility that can be categorized as athletic, dining, professional, social, or university . Define Country Clubs: a private recreational and social facility for individuals and families who live in the surrounding area. Who is the head of a club? General Manager Understand the 2 types of club ownership- equity or corporate: Equality Club - A nonprofit private club whose members buy shares in the club and, after expenses have been paid, invest any revenues left over into improving the club’s facilities and services. Corporate Club - A for-profit club owned by an individual or a company that sells memberships in the club. Also called a developer or proprietary club. Which type is non-profit: Club Manager Which type of club relies heavily on input from board members for decisions? Equality club What are some personal qualities a club manager needs to have? Effectiveness in interpersonal relations; Dedication; Integrity; A strong sense of organization and an ability to administer; Creativity and vision; Intelligence; Professionalism; An ability to communicate well; Strong leadership capabilities; Industry experience Where does most of the revenue from clubs come from? Membership What are membership dues? The cost to a member for the exclusivity of the club.
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Study Sheet for EXAM 4 - Study Sheet for EXAM 4 Chapters 8,...

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