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HMS-202 What early Texas Governor recognized state parks as good for Texas tourism? Pat Neff was the first Governor to recognize the state parks. How many state parks does Texas have? Texas has 120 state parks. How many people visit each year? Attract about 10,000,000 visitors a year. According to the article, how many jobs do state parks create? Creating nearly 13,000 jobs. Where does Texas rank nationally on investment in state parks? 49 th in per capita among all 50 states. In 2004, how much money came in from fees and rentals? $32 million directly from fees and rentals. What are some of the solutions the article says can help save our parks?
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Unformatted text preview: Some solutions are: • Making sure that all funds that are supposed to go to state parks are honored. • Increase funding to maintain, repair and enhance present parks. Why do you think that state parks are important for Texas? I think that the most obvious reason is to protect Texas wildlife. Other reasons are for historical travelers going to state parks like Davy Crocket, recreational travelers who want to camp and play in the outdoors, and environmental travelers who want to bird watch and see the great wildlife and wildflowers of Texas....
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