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Texas Hotels - The new Gaylord Resort and Convention Center...

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Texas Hotel Report Summary 2006 1. Is the Texas lodging market growing or declining? Lodging is growing from the 2005 revenues to the 2006 revenues. 2. What was the occupancy rate (in percentages) for year end 2006? 61.1 percent for the year. 3. Why did eastern Texas room revenue decrease? Their revenue decreased compared to last year because in 2005 they had all of the hurricane occupants. 4. What contributed to increases in the Dallas Fort Worth Area?
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Unformatted text preview: The new Gaylord Resort and Convention Center opened in 2004 which continues to bring in large business groups for conventions and meetings. 5. What market segment of the hotel industry is making high gains? (low-priced, mid-priced, high-priced). Suites made the highest gain with 19.6%. So high-priced products are making higher gains....
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