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Experiment 3 Report

Experiment 3 Report - V OC A-B = V OC B-C = 10.5 V RMS =...

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Experiment 3 Power Supply Design Project Eugene Gallagher Partners: Bryan Richardson and Matt Smith Introduction The primary design problem was to build a power supply in accordance with the requirements for Design C. That is, a DC output voltage, V O = V L of +15 V ± 0.5 v; Nominal DC voltage at regulator input, V c of +24 V; Ripple voltage at regulator input, V r of 15% of V C with rated load resistance attached; R L to dissipate approximately 1 watt; AC input voltage and frequency of 120 V RMS, ± 5%, 60 Hz. We had to design the full wave rectifier with filter capacitor and then the voltage regulator. In order to pick the proper components we de-rated the maximum voltages and currents by at least half for circuit reliability.
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Circuit Design and Reasoning This is a schematic of the power transformer borrowed from the stock room. We discovered the following characteristics:
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Unformatted text preview: V OC A-B = V OC B-C = 10.5 V RMS = 14.8 V peak V OC A-C = 20.9 V RMS = 28.8 V peak In order for R test to dissipate 1 W, R tes t = V L 2 / P, R test = 390 Ω V L RMS = 20.5 V To find R W : V A-C RMS – V L RMS = 0.4 V drop across R TH , or 2*R W I = 20.5 / R test = 52.5 mA 2*R W = 0.4V / I R W = 3.8 Ω Rectifier: Since we needed a V C of +24 V, we needed to use the full-wave bridge rectifier, as the center tapped can only produce a max of 14.8 V at V C . As a result, we are only using pins A and C of the transformer to generate the + 24V necessary at Vc. PIV = 28.8 V + 24 V = 52.4V V M = 28 V, V L = 23.8 V, R L = 390 Ω, V r = 4.2 V, frequency = 120 Hz Therefore, we will de-rate to the 1N4935 diode, which has a PIV of 200 V, average current = 1 A and peak current = 30 A. C = 36 μF, so we will de-rate to the 100 μF capacitor....
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