nose ring lab - in near or on their nose areas and they are...

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Lab: The Waitress with the Nose Ring 1. The manager could have asked/ made the employees to pull up their hair or wear caps if they needed. To make them wear gloves while working with food and change them after each order. Also, not have any face piercing, if they did them either had to take them out while working or cover them up with bandages or tape. 2. Yes, not only because it pulls attention to the employee in a negative way but they are also not in a clean area. People see a food employee using their hands
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Unformatted text preview: in near or on their nose areas and they are automatically grossed out and not wanting to be there. 3. Other things that I found undesirable while reading the story was: • How the girl at the counter didn’t greet them with anything before asking what they wanted. • How she acted toward the customer after she asked for a comment card. • How she walked away right after the customer asked for the card instead of asking what the matter was and if she could do anything to fix the problem....
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