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What does it mean to be a Green Casino? To go green for casinos means a cut in costs for their utilities. Using more natural gasses to heat or generate electricity. Also, using more natural light instead of the normal closed off casinos. Do you think that the patrons of Mohawk Casino will really care that the facility is green? Explain I don’t think that many patrons will care if the casino is green or not. People of Pittsburgh would appreciate it more so that it helps keep the city cleaner and the rivers that it is being built on clean too. Why do you think groups are pressuring the developer of the Pittsburgh casino to go green? I think that groups are pressuring to make it go green because of where the casino is being built, right on the river. As soon as you drive into the city, the river and shore lines are the first thing you see. So far it has really pretty things along the shore (Heinz Field, PNC Park, great shopping areas) and they don’t want to take away from that. Also,
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Unformatted text preview: it would help keep the water cleaner if they were green. When I lived there in high school they were voting to see if they wanted to bring casinos to Pittsburgh and the only reason it got voted yes is because they know that it will bring a lot of money into the city and make all surrounding areas market go up. In the Pittsburgh article, they mention that if the casino does not "go green" it will be obsolete in a few years. Do you believe this is true? Why or why not? No, I don’t believe this is true. Most people are not going to stop going places because they are not green. I do believe that a lot of places are going to be able to switch over to go green, but many companies can’t and I don’t think that it will damage them too much. The only way that it could hurt is if the government put up more green regulations to follow....
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