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Group Resturant - Menu Items 1 Selection of wings&...

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Group Concept Restaurant Name: Knock-Out Wings Type: Casual Location: North Street; Empty restaurant between Kroger and Farechilds Target Audience: Primary: Stephen F. Austin college student Secondary: Local Nacogdoches families Décor: Elevated boxing ring in middle of restaurant (holding about 4 tables) with rest of tables around the ring. Sports memorabilia on walls as decoration and local high school team pictures. White paper on each table that is thrown away after each group. TVs all around restaurant. Flat screens with HD options. Booths and tables offered; can accommodate large groups Separated bar and eating area for smoking reasons. Center of each table is an empty 6 pack filled with needed condiments o Ketchup, salt, pepper, Cajun seasoning, and napkins.
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Unformatted text preview: Menu Items: 1. Selection of wings & different sauces (primary item on menu). • Fusion sauces: o Teriyaki Wings (Asian and American). o Parmesan Garlic (Italian and American). o Spicy Jerk (Caribbean and American). • Each serving of wings comes with choice of dipping sauce (bleu cheese, ranch, etc.) and celery. 2. Champions Burger • 1 pound of hamburger meat. • Smothered in spicy wing sauce. • Comes with french fries on the side. • “Only a true champion could finish this burger!” Specialty Beverage: Colored Drink Specials: • Offered Saturday- Monday; Domestic Beer for $2.00 • Perfect to show your support for your favorite sports team • Basically food colored beer: o Purple= SFA o Blue= Dallas o Red= Houston...
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  • Fall '07
  • Hamburger, french fries, Group Concept Restaurant, spicy wing sauce, Local Nacogdoches families, Elevated boxing ring

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