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Lifetime Fitness Lecture Notes

Lifetime Fitness Lecture Notes - Lecture 1 The Benefits of...

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Lecture 1 The Benefits of Being Physically Fit: Physical Benefits – You take care of yourself from the inside out Social Benefits – You meet people who have similar interests. For example, when you go out and play basketball you can meet people. Psychological Benefits – Endorphins are released. Also, exercise is a stress reliever. Intellectual Benefits – It gets your brain going. Benefits on the aging process: Exercising slows down the aging process. Achievement of a Healthy Lifestyle Requires: Proper medical care (Some people are doctor phobic, but you must get checked) Eating right. You must eat the right food and the right amount. Physical Activity. This is relative to needs and ability. Satisfying Work Healthy play/Recreation Proper amounts of rest and relaxation What is Physical Fitness? Definition: The various systems of your body are healthy and function efficiently to enable you to engage in activities of daily living. It is basically doing activities without fatigue. Health Related vs. Motor Skills Related Components of Fitness Health Related: Cardiorespiratory Endurance, Flexibility, Muscular Strength, and Muscular Endurance (Can change these) Skill Related: Speed, Power, Agility (You can change these but not as much as the health related components) Components of Wellness Social Physical Spiritual Environmental Intellectual Emotional Occupational Healthy People 2010 Objectives: Top 10 Leading Health Indicators Physical Activity
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Overweight and Obesity Tobacco Use Substance Abuse Responsible Sexual Behavior (The government cares about this because of STDs, Unwanted teenage pregnancies (They want 2 committed people), and Rape) Mental Health (Government measured this by the suicide rate) Injury Violence (This means spousal, child abuse) Environmental Quality Immunization (There is not much availability in rural area. Also, due to the cost poor people don’t get it. Also, some don’t believe in it.) Access to Health Care Lecture 2: Stress and Health Components of a Healthy Lifestyle Developing yourself physically Expressing your emotions effectively Having good relations with those around you Being concerned about your decision making abilities What is the effect of stress on a healthy lifestyle? Linked to disease (heart disease, ulcers, insomnia) Declines in daily performance and completion of daily tasks Stress can be beneficial and is necessary for growth and development. However, if stress is prolonged it can become harmful. Stressors: These may be physical, social, and/or psychological. (They may be both positive and negative) The Physiological Response to Stress It is a 3 stage response Alarm Resistance Exhaustion The nervous and endocrine systems regulate systems of the body relative to stress. Alarm Stage
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Lifetime Fitness Lecture Notes - Lecture 1 The Benefits of...

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