Exam 1 - Introduction Definition of Psychology what is...

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Introduction Definition of Psychology – what is psychology? The scientific study of behavior Goals of psychology describe explain predict change Areas of specialization in psych physiological – biological basis comparative – across species behavior analysis – effect of environment behavioral genetics – effect of genetics cognitive – mental processes cognitive neuroscience – physiological/cognitive developmental – throughout lifespan social – group personality – individuals clinical – health disorders Historical perspectives Wundt – structuralism with introspection James – functionalism, mind and brain inseparable Freud – psychoanalytic approach Watson – behaviorism Wertheimer – Gestalt Exp psychology Approaches as a science Structuralism mind is structure of elements (ideas and sensations) Functionalism biological significance of processes (infl by Darwin) Psychoanalytic non-biological explanations to patients Behaviorism only observable behavior Gestalt whole, not parts Modern approach Biopsychosocial Approach Research Methods Basic vs. applied research How or why / specific application Scientific method Read, hypothesize, design study, collect data, analyze, accept/reject, publish, etc. Categories of research Experimental – determines causation o IV (cause), DV (effect)
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o bias – fixed by single/double blind, random sampling, anonymous/confidential, deception Descriptive – naturalistic observation, surveys, case studies (single person)
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Exam 1 - Introduction Definition of Psychology what is...

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