aaa The Baroque Period

aaa The Baroque Period - The Baroque Period Baroque style...

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The Baroque Period Baroque style was popularized by the Roman Catholic Church. During the time of the Council of Trent, they decided that art should communicate religious themes directly. Baroque architecture and art was also used to impress visitors and display power and control. Baroque palaces were built with grand staircases, reception rooms, and anterooms. The word ”Baroque” is derived from the ancient Portuguese noun “barroco” meaning a pearl that is not round, but of an unpredictable shape. The word “baroque” alone can mean elaborate. This is seen in four aspects: art, music, architecture, and Literature. Baroque Art Baroque Art is any painting and/or sculpture that is associated with the Baroque cultural movement, which is identified with non- absolutist and Protestant states. The Council of Trent answered many question of internal reform which arouse from both Protestants and Catholics about representational art. The Council decided that paintings and sculptures should speak to the illiterate rather than to the literate. Baroque art has many distinguishing characteristics. It tends to focus on the following: saints, the Virgin Mary, and other Bible stories. Although Baroque art mostly includes religious paintings, historical paintings, allegories and portraits, other scenes also include those of landscape, still life, and genre. Baroque art consists of great drama, rich
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aaa The Baroque Period - The Baroque Period Baroque style...

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