Midterm 1 Review

Midterm 1 Review - EALC First Mid-Term Review

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EALC First Mid-Term Review <Chinese Written Language> -Very different from Western alphabets -Oldest in archaeology -14 th Century B.C.E. Shang Dynasty: Oracle Bone Script (animal bones or turtle shells) --Communication between humans & spirits (gods) --Proves that China already possessed highly developed writing system --Hunting, warfare, weather, ceremonies etc. -12 th Century B.C.E. Eastern Zhou Dynasty: Bronze Inscriptions --Texts casted into bronze vessels or carved into the surface --Ritual ceremonies, commemorations etc. -3 rd Century B.C.E. Qin Dynasty: Seal Script --Ancient style of Chinese calligraphy --Used for decorative engraving and seals nd Century B.C.E. <Confucianism> -Confucius (551-479 B.C.E.) --Most influential teacher in East Asian history --Not a member of aristocracy from birth --Not a religious or a political leader/Confucianism is of social philosophy --He urged people to rely on themselves in solving problems, rather than a higher being --Emphasized moral character in his teaching --Taught culture, conduct, literature, loyalty, trustworthiness, history, ceremony etc. --Believed anyone can become a Junzi (aristocrat, noble) without having born into one -Wisdom: Moral sense of right and wrong -Rightness: Moral duty and sacrifice -Propriety: Etiquette and courtesy -Humaneness: Respect and love toward others -Loyalty and reciprocity: Altruism -Mencius Mengzi (372-289 B.C.E.) --One of the principal interpreters of Confucianism --Lived during the Warring States Period, and developed his theory in the midst of warfare --Traveled around a lot like Confucius --Clarifies that human are innately good --Supports his theory with the baby example: appealing to emotion and self-respect --What is the motivation? It is not rewards; hence it is mercy, commiseration, pity etc. --Human are also born with conscience (sense of shame, dislike/aversion toward wrong, deference, and right or wrong) --People are always first, no state can survive and grow without the people’s support
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Midterm 1 Review - EALC First Mid-Term Review

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