Film Paper Godfather 2 Review

Film Paper Godfather 2 Review - Theater Arts 7B Film...

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Theater Arts 7B Film Analysis The Godfather: Part II The Godfather Part II is known to be the most critically and artistically successful sequel in history of movies. Some critics argue that it is even superior to the original The Godfather released in 1972, while other critics believe that it is just as equal to the original movie. But hardly anyone believes that it failed to achieve the continuity of the great series. Francis Ford Coppola once again co-writes a fine script with Mario Puzo, bringing back most of the original cast members from the original film like Al Pacino and Robert Duvall, and some new breakthrough stars like Robert De Niro. The film becomes one of America’s favorites for centuries to come, and the reasons are apparent as the film is analyzed in every way possible. The movie is definitely the darkest of the three Godfather series; the plot is based on continuing the story of Don Michael Corleone as he develops into a more evil and darker character as the Godfather, while also depicting the rise to power of the young Vito Corleone. The movie deals with a few thematic elements: revenge, honor, betrayal and family. The most important theme of the movie would most likely be revenge (1). Coppola emphasizes the definition of revenge in both Michael and Vito Corleone’s lives, and how the vengeful feelings lead toward not only deaths of others, but also toward personal losses of the father and son. For example, Michael Corleone is furious and vengeful throughout the entire movie for the assassination attempt made against him, but when he kills the ones involved in the attempt and also those who stand within his path, he is all alone. Also, Vito’s visit to Don Ciccio avenging the deaths of his father, mother, and brother show the cruel and cold-hearted nature of revenge.
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Film Paper Godfather 2 Review - Theater Arts 7B Film...

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