HW#4 - Reading Assignment 4th Week In his article...

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Reading Assignment 4 th Week In his article “What is Justified Belief?” Goldman first introduces two criteria for an adequate theory of justification. First, the so-called theory must have and provide a set of substantive conditions that can be explained with non-epistemic terms. Second, this theory must be able to explain why beliefs that meet those conditions are valid as justifications. Goldman also inputs that in his attempts, he is not assuming such idea that “when a belief is justified there is something ‘possessed’ by the believer which can be called a justification” (Pg. 341). Goldman then spends a good amount of words to show initial attempts to provide a theory. But all of the initial attempts run into problems with the two criteria presented in the beginning of the article. He mentions that those initial attempts lack casual requirements as justifiable principles. The second half of the article deals with Goldman’s view on reliabilism. His initial statement is that certain beliefs can sometimes be more justified than others depending on their reliabilities of the process or processes causing them. And he argues that belief-forming
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HW#4 - Reading Assignment 4th Week In his article...

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