HW#9 - Reading Assignment 9th Week In Peter Van Inwagen's...

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Reading Assignment 9 th Week In Peter Van Inwagen’s argument, Inwagen purports to prove that responsibility and determinism are incompatible. He begins by stating two premises for the argument: 1. Determinism is incompatible with free will. 2. Moral responsibility is impossible without free will. Therefore, determinism is incompatible with moral responsibility. He believes that anyone who accepts the first premise convicts himself ipso facto of philosophical incompetence. As he addresses the controversy of the first premise, he states that this essay will discuss the compatibility independent of the first premise, that is, he would not mention the first premise in any form. In section I, Inwagen states that he shall not defend his argument with the notion of responsibility. In other words, he would not define or analyze the notion of responsibility as a part of his argument. He remarks that, however, determinism is the thesis that the past and the laws of nature together determine a unique future and is not the thesis of universal causation. He ultimately claims that this consequence of determinism is what he needs to show as incompatible with moral responsibility. In section II, Inwagen
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HW#9 - Reading Assignment 9th Week In Peter Van Inwagen's...

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