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Assignment: Chapter 28 Class: Astronomy I Date: November 26 th , 2007 Review Questions 1. Most astrobiologists suspect that if there are living organisms somewhere in the universe, it would be life as we know it, based on unique properties of carbon atom. 2. The biochemistry studies show that carbon-based compounds include all the molecules of which living organisms are made. 3. By studying the amount of carbon in space, scientists were able to find organic compounds made of carbon and other materials. 4. Mercury, Venus, and the Moon are all geologically dead; they are dry and liquid-less. Liquid is the main component of formation of life. 5. Physical features on Mars show that there could have been thicker atmosphere and water on surface. Scientists believe that life could have formed during this “wet” period of Mars. 6. Results from the Viking Lander were inconclusive. Beagle 2 had good plans to approach finding of life in a new way, but malfunction of the machine failed to achieve its great expectations.
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Unformatted text preview: 7. The “face” is coincidental match between humans’ curiosity and expectation with unusual surface structure on Mars. 8. Biologically important molecules signal their presence by decomposing into carbon dioxide at lower temperatures. 9. Even if only a few alien civilizations are scattered across the Galaxy, we have the technology to detect radio transmissions from them. The frequency gap is called the water hole, in which this microwave spectrum is fairly free of interference from extraneous sources. 10. The rationale is that stars like the Sun emit much less infrared radiation than visible light, while planets are relatively strong emitters of infrared. Putting up telescopes to detect infrared radiation would be necessary. Advanced Questions 11. 550 nm, minimum diameter would be 3.7m 12. 1000 civilizations, 10,000 years 1,000,000 civilizations, 10 million years 16. 6000 km with 10 mm wavelength 3.22 parsecs from Earth = 200 km...
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