Ch26 - Assignment Chapter 26 Class Astronomy I Date...

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Assignment: Chapter 26 Class: Astronomy I Date: November 21 st , 2007 Review Questions 1. The gravitational forces between any finite number of stars, Newton argued, would in time cause them all to fall together, and the universe would soon be a compact blob. 2. Olber’s paradox suggests that something is wrong with Newton’s infinite, static universe. According to the classical, Newtonian picture of reality, space is like a gigantic flat sheet of inflexible, rectangular graph paper. Einstein’s introduction of general relativity was able to overturn the view of same space and time. 3. The cosmological constant was intended to represent a pressure that tends to make the universe expand as a whole. Einstein argued that this pressure would balance gravitational attraction, so that the universe would be static and not collapse. 4. According to general relativity, space itself is not rigid. In other words, the expansion of the universe is the expansion of space. 5. The Hubble Law is a direct proportionality. A galaxy twice as far away is receding from us twice as fast. 6. In step 1, two hydrogen nuclei collide to create a proton and neutron, a hydrogen isotope. One byproduct is neutrino and the other is positron. In step 2, the hydrogen isotope collides with another proton to create helium isotope along with a byproduct of gamma-ray photon. In step 3, two helium isotopes collide to create a different helium isotope and two remaining protons just get released. Overall, two protons collide to create a helium isotope and energy. 7. An example of hydrostatic equilibrium is a floating fish in water. The pressure from water above the fish, weight of the fish, and the pressure from water beneath the fish balance out to create equilibrium. 8.
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Ch26 - Assignment Chapter 26 Class Astronomy I Date...

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