Midterm 2 Review

Midterm 2 Review - The Empire and the Way of Heaven Jia Yi...

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The Empire and the Way of Heaven Jia Yi “The Faults of Qin” -Biggest fault lies with the First Emperor, Qin Shi Huangdi -Reached the pinnacle of power, putting the rest of the world into submission -Abolished the ways of ancient kings, and put to death men of fame and talent -Burned intellectual books and buried Confucians alive -Abandoned all other schools of thought except Legalism -Terror and strength alone could never rule the world. -The Second Emperor, Qin Er Shi, only worsen the situation -Forges Qin Shi’s dying wish to make himself the emperor -Like the first emperor, he wastes the achievements of forebears -Fails to enable people under heaven to renew themselves and change their ways -Only forced harsh punishments, terror, and power over own people The two emperors fail to win the hearts and support of the people, thus according to Confucian principles, creating an empire that can never be strong or successful. Chen She -From a commoner background, expressing the anger and frustration toward the high government -Was the leader of the first rebellion against Qin, gained support by the commoners who felt deeply oppressed by the harsh Qin regime. -Attempted to fight with small army against large Qin troops, and fails, but paves way for Liu Bang’s later successful rebellion. Liu Bang -Like Chen She, a man of humble birth who formed a small band of adventurers and opposed Qin rule -With much support, his army attacked and succeeded in fighting his way to the capital city of Xianyang. As Qin came to an end, Liu Bang becomes the new ruler of the newly established HAN DYNASTY. -Issued the famous three-article code to replace the elaborate legal code of Qin -Mostly abandoned Legalist laws and welcomed back Confucian principles and scholars, but sets up Daoism as the official philosophy of Han. -Later dynasties abolished the offensive laws and institutions, but maintained Qin’s
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Midterm 2 Review - The Empire and the Way of Heaven Jia Yi...

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