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Unformatted text preview: Anthropology 151 Emerging Humanity Write the following information on the index card name (last name, first name) phone number (home) major year in school reasons for taking this course Instructor: Dr. James Bayman Office location: DEAN HALL 201 Office hours: Weds 1:00 4:00pm Teaching Assistant (TA): Mr. Stephen Acabado Office location: 318 Saunders Hall Office hours: Tuesday 8:00 to 10:00am or by appointment Phone: 956-7828 Email: [email protected] THIS IS YOUR TEXTBOOK. PLEASE PURCHASE IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! How to do well in this class Attend class regularly Take notes on class sessions (both lectures and videos) Read the book Student introductions What is the course of human history from our earliest development to AD 1500? Human history from an anthropological perspective World Prehistory as Human History Symbols and Myths are important in our lives. Human history from an anthropological perspective means many histories in many places An anthropological perspective views these histories equally What is Culture? What is Culture? Culture is a system of interrelated components through which we cope with the social and natural environment. Components of culture include subsistence practices, religion, social organization, etc. Anthropological Tools Ethnographic interviewing Anthropological Tools Anthropological Tools Archaeology A few popular misconceptions about archaeology 1. Scientific archaeology is not fantastic (or pseudo) archaeology No Bigfoot for us 2. Archaeology is not paleontology Paleontologists study dinosaurs, not archaeologists ... !!! So what is Archaeology? Archaeology is the study of past populations through their material remains. The History of Archaeology Herodotus Antiquarianism Sima Qian Glastonbury Abbey Data in Archaeology: Stratigraphy and Superposition Data in Archaeology: Artifacts Lithics Ceramics Metallurgy Data in Archaeology: Sites Archaeology is Research Ancient Pollen Animal Bone Stratigraphy Excavation Antiquarianism and Looting Looted cemetery in Peru Early "archaeology" Antiquities on ebay Explaining the Past Multilinear cultural evolution: theory that populations change through time as a result of continuous adaptation to the social and natural environment. ...
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