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Anthropology 151 Mid - Anthropology 151 Mid-term #1 Short...

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Anthropology 151 Mid-term #1 Short Answers 1) Sexual Dimorphism—Difference in size (body) resulting from one’s sex. Homo sapiens have a low level of sexual dimorphism compared with other species. Since the appearance of the first stone tool, work was divided among men/women. 2) Oldowan—the very first stone tool that were used by hominids, used in the lower Paleolithic period. Associated with the Homo habilis. The tools were crude, chopper-chopping tools. 3) Sagittal Crest— Ridge of the bone running lengthwise along the skull which serves for the attachment of the temporalis muscle. Old hominids had these, which meant that they had to chew a lot to eat. 4) Laetoli— a site located in Northern Tanzania in which they found proof of bipedal locomotion by Australopithecus Afarensis. Proof of the first bipedal ancestor found (justified) here with two pairs of footprints from more than 3.79mya. The footsteps demonstrated that the hominids walked upright, with no sign of knuckle- impressions. 5) Pliocene—the most recent interval of earth history from about 5.3-1.8mya. This period is known as the “Age of Humanity,” as during this time hominids begin to populate the globe. 6) Trinil—many important hominid findings found in Trinil, Java. Here, Eugune Dubois found “Java-man,” which is notable as the earliest hominid specimen outside Europe. “Java-man” turned out to be a Homo erectus. 7) Out of Africa/Population Replacement Hypothesis—A hypothesis stating that
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Anthropology 151 Mid - Anthropology 151 Mid-term #1 Short...

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