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Classical Tradition Movies - Classical Tradition Movies...

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☺Classical Tradition Movies☻► 1/23/07 Tale of Troy = a “Hero-graphy” ○History and the Tale of Troy - Unrest at end of the Mycenaean Age – real Trojan war for eastern booty - Epic contains elements from Late bronze age and early dark or iron age societies - Shows transition bet. Time periods Mycenaean burials = shaft graves - Epic tells of funeral pyres/cremation such burials from later “Iron age” - Weapons in epic are all of bronze iron and rare and costly and used from prizes - Iron common in Homer’s time: “His heart was like grey iron…” - Poet’s time reflected esp. in similes homer is aware of epic “time gap” - “Achaeans” an old word for “Greeks” Greeks called themselves “Hellenes” - Earlier cultural memories exist in epic chariots used as taxis, not for fighting! - Saga’s relation to heroic past? Inherits and reshapes epic traditions - In the epic, loss of Helen starts war, Paris steals her - Epic depicts elite society of heroes, men and women whom the Gods favor - Gods and humans interact in the epic long tradition of Greek myths and tales - God s are “anthropomorphic” – like us but immortal - Gods get involved in human affairs kind to favorites, cruel to others - Gods manipulate human will in epic humans are always subordinate to gods - Trojan war lasted ten years, but Iliad narrates only one part of 10 th year of war Achilles - Simple plot focuses on single, inevitable action = Anger of Achilles - Epic subtitle = “Wrath of Achilles” sheds light on Epic theme of honor - Who is Achilles? “Best of Achaeans” .. Greatest warrior of all time - Achilles is a “demi-god” = half divine, his mother is the Sea Goddess, Thetis - Achilles = Prince of Phthia in N. Greece Leader of Myrmidons = “Ant Men” - Achilles = Fastest and best-looking called “Swift-footed” and “God Like” - Achilles’ Fate = to die at Troy he chooses a short, glorious life - His only one vulnerable spot = heel where mom Thetis forgot to dip him! -
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Classical Tradition Movies - Classical Tradition Movies...

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