CLL 190 08 Unit 1 EvalCrit

CLL 190 08 Unit 1 EvalCrit - [4] Did the writer provide...

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Criteria [1] Did the writer organize the essay effectively, with a thoughtful focusing claim and with good transitions between sections? [2] Did the writer work closely with Cradle to Cradle, another shared reading and one carefully chosen text from his/her research; quoting and summarizing where appropriate and necessary, interpreting material and/or offering it up as evidence? [3] Did the writer synthesize information from sources and engage readers in a new, more complicated, more thoughtful way of thinking about his/her topic?
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Unformatted text preview: [4] Did the writer provide details, not generalizations, and new ideas, not clichs? [5] Did the writer compose beginning and ending paragraphs that work as a frame for the rest of the essay? [6] Did the writer provide a title that provocatively and productively focused the readers attention? [7] Did the writer edit for grammar, style, and usage effectively? [8 ] Did the writer cite texts appropriately and properly using MLA citation procedure?...
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