CLL 190 08 Unit 1 IP

CLL 190 08 Unit 1 IP - CLL 190-01-02-03 Unit 1 Invention...

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Invention Portfolio Guidelines and Reflection Prompts The invention portfolio should include all of your writing from across the first unit—that is, homework assignments, in-class writing, drafts, notes, annotations, email exchanges, etc. Please make sure you date and label all writing, organize the material chronologically (from the first to the last day of the unit), and put everything in a pocket folder. The reflection prompts below involve looking carefully at the writing in the portfolio and thinking about the relationships between the work you did each day in and out of writing class, and the essay you wrote and are about to turn in to me. Please put your reflection at the beginning of the portfolio; it will be the first thing I read. 1. As we discussed, invention is a rhetorical term for finding all the available means of persuasion and generating, discovering or organizing new ideas. What pieces of writing characterize your invention process during this unit? For example, how did you decide what
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