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MU - S2 2001 - Investment and Portfolio Management

MU - S2 2001 - Investment and Portfolio Management -...

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OFFICE USE ONLY Monash University Faculty of Business and Economics Department of Accounting and Finance Semester Two Examinations 2001 EXAM CODES: AFF3121 TITLE OF PAPER: INVESTMENTS AND PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT EXAM DURATION: 3 Hours READING TIME: 10 Minutes THIS PAPER IS FOR STUDENTS STUDYING AT: (office use only – tick where applicable) Berwick Clayton Peninsula Distance Education Open Learning Caulfield ; Gippsland Sunway Enhancement Studies Other (specify) Candidates are reminded that they should have no material on their desks unless their use has been specifically permitted by the following instructions. AUTHORISED MATERIALS NON-PROGRAMMABLE CALCULATORS YES ; NO OPEN BOOK YES NO ; SPECIFICALLY PERMITTED ITEMS YES NO ; if yes, items permitted are: This paper consists of six questions printed on seven (7) pages (including a set of formulae and table). PLEASE CHECK BEFORE COMMENCING. This is a FINAL examination paper. The total marks available in the examination are 120. This examination contributes 70% of the total assessment for this subject. Students must answer ALL questions on this examination paper. A STUDENT MUST PASS THE EXAMINATION (OBTAIN AT LEAST 60 MARKS OUT OF THE TOTAL 120 MARKS AVAILABLE ON THIS PAPER) AND OBTAIN AT LEAST 50% IN TOTAL ASSESSMENT TO PASS THE SUBJECT. THIS EXAMINATION PAPER MUST BE INSERTED IN YOUR EXAMINATION ANSWER BOOKLET/S AT THE COMPLETION OF THE PAPER. OTHERWISE A FAIL WILL BE RECORDED .
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