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fermentation writeup - Effects of Different Sugars on the...

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Effects of Different Sugars on the Amount of CO 2 Released in Fermentation
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Abstract: The effects of three different types of sugars in fermentation were tested to determine which yielded the most CO 2 . Through observation we found that sucrose produced the most CO 2 over time, followed by glucose then fructose. We have no explanation of these findings, since sucrose is a disaccharide so it should have yielded less CO 2 than glucose and fructose, which are both monosaccharides. Experimental error might have accounted for this, and repetition of the experiment is suggested. Introduction: Fermentation is the biological process by which sugars such as glucose, fructose, and sucrose, are converted into ethanol and carbon dioxide. Yeasts carry out ethanol fermentation on sugars in the absence of oxygen. Because the process does not require oxygen, ethanol fermentation is classified as anaerobic. Ethanol fermentation is responsible for the rising of bread dough, the production of ethanol in alcoholic beverages, and for much of the production of ethanol for use as fuel. For thousands of years, humans have used yeast in brewing, winemaking, and baking (Campbell 2005). In alcohol fermentation, pyruvate produced in glycolysis is converted in ethanol, also known as ethyl alcohol. In the first step of fermentation, pyruvate is converted into acetaldehyde, a two carbon compound. In doing so, CO2 is released (due to pyruvate being a three carbon compound). In the second step, acetaldehyde is reduced by NADH (Nicotinamide
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fermentation writeup - Effects of Different Sugars on the...

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