Exam 3 - Psych 107-511 Int ro Psychology Exam 3 Study Guide...

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Unformatted text preview: Psych 107-511 Int ro Psychology Exam 3 Study Guide This study guide is merely an outline of the topics covered during lecture. This in no way guarantees what will be asked on the test. However, the study guide is designed to help guide you and organize your study materials. Be sure to read the appropriate modules in your textbook. There are some details you will be tested on that were not included in lectures. Ch. 6&7: Sensation & Perception What is sensation? • Process of receiving, converting, and transmitting info from stimuli What is perception? • Use of sensory info to produce a response (conscious experience) Sensory Adaptation • Constant stimuli are no longer processed (aren’t aware of clothes) Vision Stimulus and its properties • External light on receptors generates visual message Anatomy of the eye (draw) Accommodation • Change in the shape of the lens to adjust for distance (by ciliary muscles) Near and farsightedness • Focused in front (curved cornea) / focused behind (flat) Cataracts • Cloudy lens (dead cells don’t go away) Astigmatism • Misshapen cornea, blurriness Retina • 3 layers, back of eye, where seeing happens, has photoreceptors Rods • More, light, low threshold, high sensitivity Cones • Less, color, detail, high threshold, low sensitivity Blind Spot • At optic disk where nerves exit to brain, saccades fix Visual Field • Field of view on retina Figure vs. Ground • Closer, more prominent / background Laws of Grouping • Group things that are close together (law of proximity) Size Constancy • Image on retina changes but perceived as the same size Depth Perception • Perceive 3D space, judge distance Binocular Cues...
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Exam 3 - Psych 107-511 Int ro Psychology Exam 3 Study Guide...

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